RF Optix advances cellular indoor coverage and connectivity with the best-in-breed, ICASA approved GSM voice and data Repeater [Cell Signal Booster] kits. Established as a turnkey neutral-host infrastructure provider, we satisfy user demand for seamless coverage and high capacity – delivering tomorrow’s connectivity today.




This is a signal booster, and not a signal generator. There needs to be an adequate signal outside (roof level) of the house for this unit to function optimally.


These units will only replicate and boost what is incoming from the service provider’s tower.


In some marginal cases we might be able to provide a signal. However, the extra equipment needed for this does not form part of the standard kit and will be quoted separately.


The installation kit comes as standard, but additional cable can be supplied for the client’s account. Please indicate this on the questionnaire provided.


These units can boost signals from MTN and Vodacom but are unsuitable for use with Telkom at present. Signal strength depends on the location of the service provider’s towers in the area.


If two service providers are not sharing a tower, then 2 x outside antennas will be required if an improved signal is required from both providers. This will be quoted for on a site to site basis.


Lightning protection and surge protection do not form part of the installation kit but can be provided at an extra cost. Please indicate this on the questionnaire provided.


The unit and installation carry a 12-month warranty against any technical problems and workmanship but excludes any damage caused by accidents, negligence and / or severe weather conditions.


Standard kit price includes a) Installation:

  • Travelling
  • Qualified technicians
  • Health & safety compliance
  • On site installation labour and testing of installation

Standard kit price (supply) includes:

  • Indoor repeater (signal booster)
  • Outdoor Donor and Indoor Coverage antennas (standard specification)
  • Co-axial cable and connectors (standard length & specification)
11. Standard kit price excludes:

  • Technical site survey
  • Proposals for body corporate approval.
  • Combiners where necessary for multi – antenna installations
12. Payment Terms:

  • Payments must reflect in our bank account before stock will be shipped or a team dispatched to perform the required survey or installation.
  • Please send proof of payment to finance@rfoptix.co.za.
13. Installation Terms:

  • Basic sundries are used for the installation, e.g. cable clips, insulation tape, etc. Should the client require conduit, trunking, fire sealant or other special sundries, these must be provided by the client.
  • The installation cable is black, and the client may paint over it. We however do not provide the paint or perform painting services.
  • The preference for indoor service antennas is to be mounted visibly, i.e. not concealed in the ceilings. Material such as aluminium interfere with the signal strength and will impact the installation.
  • Installing a booster is messy business and all endeavors are made to clean up, i.e. sweep, wipe antennas, remove boxes and plastic.
  • Drilling is required and causes noise be it for short periods.

NOTE: Due to the variability in the strength and quality of the RF signal receive levels from the service provider’s base station, at some locations it may not be possible to install a successful repeater system at the property. In these cases ,the full purchase price of the booster kit will be refunded less the Site Establishment and Travelling costs and time of the installation team.