Established as a reputable brand with global recognition in the telecommunications industry, RF Optix (Pty) Limited is a registered South African business with local management control, responsible for the provision of complete network infrastructure solutions across South Africa.

RF Optix, as the former UK-owned AlanDick brand has established itself as an expert in the field of in-building solutions.  We have selected a world renowned partner in Zinwave to achieve our continued expert solutions.

Zinwave provides in-building cellular and public safety connectivity on a single hardware layer with design and installation that’s easy, flexible and familiar, resembling the way WiFi is installed. It’s made up of just five components, but those five components make Zinwave different than other in-building wireless solution providers

After the name change from AlanDick to RF Optix in April 2019, we continue to provide solutions all over South Africa since early 2000.

We aim to be a leading player in our chosen markets, establishing ourselves as a first-choice provider of complete communication network infrastructure solutions.

From feasibility study and conceptual design to installation and commissioning, we have proven our ability to plan, develop, integrate, optimise, manage and maintain telecommunication network infrastructure solutions across South-Africa.


RF Optix offers a world class range of passive components, developed to ensure maximum reliability and quality for complex distributed systems. All components are available for order from our product catalogue.



We aim to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements for performance, timescale and service whilst achieving our business goals. We will support the current and future needs of the business, and are committed towards the ongoing improvements of our products and services through a process of employment participation and teamwork.

Our Quality Management System enables us to monitor performance against our business objectives, to achieve high standards in meeting our customer’s specified needs, to comply with appropriate statutory and regulatory requirements, through a proactive and preventative culture.



As a major infrastructure solutions provider to the communications industry, we recognise the interaction between our activities, products, services and the environment; and is therefore committed to maintaining a high standard of environmental care.

Overall, the business presents a low risk to the environment, but recent reviews have identified management of waste, prevention of pollution and energy consumption as the aspects to which we need to pay most attention.

We do this through:

  • Encouraging a culture of continual improvement.
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation and other requirements.
  • Identifying objectives and setting targets.
  • Implementing and maintaining effective environmental procedures.
  • Ensuring a high level of employee awareness on environmental issues.
  • Minimising the use of resources and the production of waste.
  • Promoting the reuse and recycling of products.

Performance is regularly monitored through Audit and Management Review and this Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees, other interested parties and made available to the public on request.

RF Optix (Pty) Limited is a level 2 contributor in terms of the Department of Trade and Industry’s BBBEE requirements. We are committed to recruiting quality people and developing their potential, to become participants in sustaining the company’s competitive edge. To achieve this, taking South Africa’s history into account, the Company commits itself to an equity program, to accelerate its culture of diversity.

The Company recognises its responsibility to equalise opportunities for those people who were previously disadvantaged, black women and the disabled. Accelerating opportunities for the disadvantaged does not mean that the careers development of others will be ignored. Our people will continue to be recognised for their competencies on merit.

RF Optix (Pty) Limited will endeavor to have people from historically disadvantaged groups adequately represented at all levels over the next 10 years. The definition of ‘adequate representation’ will be based on statistics of the population distribution in this area, and consultation operational needs and best practice.

The entire process will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the Company reserves the right to amend all or any part of the equity strategy / employment policies and procedures, after appropriate consultation, in an ever changing and challenging business environment.

The equity process will be driven in line with the Company’s vision, mission and value – all of which recognise that it is a service company, dependent for its success on the commitment and excellence of its people. The equity program is a long-term strategy, with short and medium-term objectives, to which reasonable and justifiable resources will be allocated.

We do ‘compile human resource and development policies’, based on ‘best practice’ examples, auditing it from time to time. This objective has already been materially achieved, via a process of consultation, with an elected committee. All existing human resources policies and practices have been audited to ensure legitimacy of the process through sustained communication, and direct employee involvement.

RF Optix recognises that high standards of health, safety and welfare are an integral element of a successful and efficient business. The management of this key performance indicator is therefore central to our strategy for the well-being of the Company.

We acknowledge health, safety and welfare is a management responsibility of equal importance to all other parts of the business; to be actively pursued through the continuing development of employee competence, the provision of expert advice to achieve progressive improvements in health, safety and welfare performance.

As a company we are committed to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the OHS Act (85 of 1993) and such other relevant health and safety legislation that many from time to time be introduced. We therefore ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable that:

  • All relevant statutory requirements are observed and are treated as the minimum standards to be applied to any work activities;

  • Health, safety and welfare considerations are included in our business planning and decision making thus ensuring a safe and healthy working environment along with methods of work and conditions are provided, adopted and managed;

  • Adequate information, instruction, training and supervision is provided so that through the use of formal risk assessment and the communication of the control measures to be adopted to eliminate or reduce risk, individuals are made aware of the potential hazards they face as a consequence of their work.

  • Plant, equipment and materials provided for work that is to be undertaken is fit for purpose and adequately maintained so as to be free from unnecessary risk;

  • Employees and Sub-Contractors are actively encouraged to participate in health and safety, raise safety concerns and submit ideas and suggestions for improving standards, thereby facilitating co-operation between individuals and groups;

  • The immediate and underlying causes of work related injuries and near misses are identified and the necessary preventive action implemented to prevent a re-occurrence. This includes the provision and use of the correct personal protective equipment to ensure employees health and safety.

To assist in the promotion of a positive health, safety and welfare culture the Company established objectives; developed, implemented and currently maintains management controls; instituted sound communication of information on safety and health; monitors; audits and review matters of health and safety & welfare.

This policy is reviewed and developed periodically to ensure it remains effective and any necessary amendments are communicated to all employees.